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      The blue art project


      How the color blue becomes
      an inspiration

      Blue art project highlights

      Watch this video to see the blue art project highlights.

      About the art of engineering

      Dr. James Kennedy is Senior Manager in the Product Development at Fresenius Medical Care. In this video, he explains his thoughts about the connection between fine art and premium medical products. For him developing dialyzers could also start with inspiration, combining creativity with craftsmanship. He has a passion for designing life-saving products. So why not talk about the art of engineering?

      Art gallery

      Featured artists

      Young artists briefing

      We wanted to see how young art students would interpret the multiple benefits of our dialysers. See this feature film about their briefing session.

      Young artists first creative reactions

      We first approached a group of young art students to interpret the multiple benefits of our dialysers in an artistic way. See this feature film about their first creative session.

      Robert Lichtenberg

      The photographer Robert Lichtenberg started as a photo engineer before finding his love for making photo art. See this feature film about how he creates his awesome blue cap photo series.

      The art of engineering in blue:
      the Robert Lichtenberg photo series

      Benefits for healthcare professionals

      Deeper information
      for doctors, nurses and carers

      Our dialyzers have been used in more than 500 million treatments worldwide. As the world’s leading provider of dialysis products, Fresenius Medical Care aims to make a difference — for patients and healthcare professionals.

      If you are a healthcare professional, please find more information about our product portfolio and several state-of-the-art technologies on an individualized landing page.

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