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      Fresenius Medical Care YouTube Channel

      Follow us on YouTube and discover the wide selection of videos and TV footage from Fresenius Medical Care such as our latest Corporate Movie, documentaries, explanatory films, interviews and speeches.


      Vicenca Symposium

      Extracorporeal organ support in the intensive care unit.

      Annual General Meeting 2019

      Speech of CEO Rice Powell

      Schweinfurt plant

      Our largest production facility for dialysis machines.

      Andreas - APD and responsibility

      Andreas is an auditor, family man and APD patient from Germany.

      Norbert - Home hemodialysis and freedom

      Norbert is a soldier, motor homer and home hemodialysis patient from Germany.

      Erna - CAPD and verve

      Erna's a retired CAPD patient in Switzerland, who plays golf and likes gardening and the fresh air.

      Corporate Movie 2019

      Creating a future worth living. For patients. Worldwide. Every day.

      Silvano - APD and independence

      Silvano is a graphic designer and APD patient from Italy.

      Johan - CAPD and rock'n'roll

      Johan is a musician, father and CAPD patient from Sweden.

      Adriano - APD and vitality

      Adriano is an APD patient and a sales and family man from Italy.

      Home therapies patients documentary

      Is it true that if you become a dialysis patient, half of the life as you knew it simply ends?

      Corporate Movie 2017

      How we are already planning with passion for tomorrow and with foresight today.

      Understanding the kidneys video

      The function, diseases and treatments for the human kidney.

      Understanding hemodialysis video

      Hemodialysis is the process of cleaning the patient’s blood outside the body.

      Understanding peritoneal dialysis video

      An alternative to hemodialysis that patients carry out themselves at home or at work.

      eco4dialysis video

      eco4dialysis — Reducing operating costs for renal care centers and dialysis clinics.

      20 years creating a future worth living video

      20 years Fresenius Medical Care.

      HighVolumeHDF video

      From promise to proof.

      sleep?safe harmony video

      As individual as your patients — PD therapy tailored to patients' needs.

      St. Wendel Plant video

      Making life-saving products for patients with chronic kidney failure.