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      Patients & Families

      Older couple posing together

      Living with chronic kidney disease (CKD)

      Enjoy life despite the illness.

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      patient on dialysis

      Understanding dialysis

      Dialysis helps replicates the kidneys in chronic kidney failure. 

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      Family & Caregivers

      Family & caregivers

      Chronic kidney failure – a challenge for families and caregivers.

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      Fresenius Medical Care dialysis centers

      Find a dialysis center in your country

      Fresenius Medical Care treats patients in dialysis centers around the world.

      Fresenius Medical Care services

      Services from Fresenius Medical Care

      Complete care for chronic kidney disease.

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      Dialysis patient quote

      I can still lead an independent life, which is very important to me.

      Pedro Monteiro
      Dialysis patient